Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

A good career for the good of our planet The environmental challenges we face today are urgent. At the Environmental Protection Agency, we need professionals like you to join our diverse team dedicated to safe, clean, and healthy communities for all. Whether it’s tackling the climate crisis or advancing environmental justice, what you do here changes the world. That’s why there has never been a more crucial moment to be one of the scientists, engineers, community leaders, IT specialists, communicators, administrative professionals, technicians, problem solvers, and innovators united in our mission to protect our land, air, water, and people. Join us. Be EPA. Discover how you can make an impact. Explore careers and learn more about EPA at View More Arrow

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Full Time Washington, DC $139,395 - $181,216/year
$139,395 - $181,216/year
Added Jun 17, 2024 Environmental Law
Full Time Chicago, IL $97,079 - $150,075/year
$97,079 - $150,075/year
Added Jun 6, 2024 Attorney Environmental Law
Full Time Dallas, TX $156,151 - $191,900/year
$156,151 - $191,900/year
Added Jun 5, 2024 Attorney Environmental Law
Full Time Philadelphia, PA $191,901 - $221,900/year
$191,901 - $221,900/year
Added May 8, 2024 Attorney Environmental Law
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